Celebrated my several countries from in June(15-21 June this year) is something that should be celebrated across the world to raise awareness and also to work as a healthy reminder ( pun intended ) .

This year it’s at a time where everyone’s health is important – during a pandemic .

But still really important to gain knowledge on the situation .

Men often don’t feel the need to get a health check-up until the situation warrants getting one .

Maybe it’s because of the mindset of men being strong and that men don’t/can’t cry .

Men do cry and can cry and should if they want to . One should not be embarrassed of showing emotions it only shows how self-aware one is .

Hence , Mental Health being something men should care for.

Most men feel uncomfortable discussing their personal issues with others.

They tend to cave in and repress their emotions, which results in various mental health issues. 

Stay safe , keep in check and educate yourselves !

Hope you enjoyed 💚

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